MetWest Surgical observes and measures performance to improve service.

We collect data for ACHS and QPS on our key performance indicators (KPI) and conduct audits to measure the outcomes of clinical and business functions against industry, ensuring compliance against policies, procedures, standards, regulations.

The KPI results and outcomes of audits are compared and evaluated by staff, doctors and management to improve patient care, service delivery and quality improvement.

Here is a snapshot of our benchmarking reports:

Infection rates


Defined as the total number of ophthalmic patients having pathological evidence (microbiological confirmation of growth) of a surgical related infection on or after the fifth post-operative day, expressed as a percentage of the total number of ophthalmic surgical patients admitted.

Metwest Surgical has maintained 0.00 in consecutive reporting periods from 2015 - present.

Patient satisfaction


Metwest Surgical scored 99.82 in Patient Satisfaction, well above both the benchmark and average of other day surgery providers.

Overall experience at the centre


Metwest Surgical ranks in the top quartile across 10 out of 11 patient satisfaction categories covering the full range of the patient journey.

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