At Metwest Eye Centre, our specialist eye doctors and support staff use the best technology to achieve the highest and most accurate of results.

Diagnostic Technology

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Optical Coherence Tomography is the one of the latest technologies that takes a topographical map of the back of your eye using laser scanning techniques.

Optical Coherence Tomography Western Sydney

Depending on the area that your Ophthalmologist wishes to concentrate on, the test can look at your macula, optic disc or general retina. An OCT scan can monitor changes in macula degeneration, macula hole, and the nerve fibre layer that is effected in conditions such as glaucoma. Conditions such as diabetic macular oedema and vein occlusions can have their treatment determined by the findings of an OCT.

Fundal Photography

It is quite common for your Ophthalmologist to want photos of the back of your eye. Often, one of the Orthoptists (or assistants) will do this. The photographs help your doctor to monitor the back of your eye and the different structures within it, so that they compare the photo with your eye at your next visit. The photo will often show your optic disc and your macula, two important structures at the back of your eye – feel free to ask questions about what you see in the photo.

Fundal Photography Western Sydney

MetWest Eye Centre has two retinal cameras to investigate the back of the eye.

The Canon retinal camera takes photos of the macula and optic disc, with the ability to focus in on these areas in fine detail, important in macular degeneration and glaucoma.

The Optos Wide-Field Camera takes a wide-field image of the retina – encompassing the macula and optic disc as well as over 200o of the retinal periphery. This is particularly helpful in patients with diabetic retinopathy, peripheral lesions such as naevi or melanoma and for picking up vein occlusions in the peripheral retina.

Both cameras have the ability for fluorescein angiography. The Optos Wide-Field Camera also can take auto-fluorescence images – helpful in diagnosing conditions such as Central Serous Chorio-retinopathy and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy.

Optical Biometry

The IOLMaster 700 is the gold standard in optical biometry – measuring the length of the eye, distances between structures and the power of the cornea at the front of the eye. These measurements are then loaded into calculations required for determining intraocular lens power.

Optical Biometry Western Sydney

The IOLMaster 700 is both to assist in determining the type of lens to be used during surgery as well as the power of the lens. It utilises laser to accurately measure distances between the cornea at the front of the eye and retina at the back of the eye. Upgrading to the IOLMaster 700 enables the surgeons to completely measure the front surface of the eye (both anterior and posterior surfaces), as well as lens eccentricities such as tilt. As the measurements are taken, the IOLMaster 700 uses OCT technology to ensure measuring to the foveal pit. These upgrades combine to enhance the reliability of the measurements, leading to more consistent outcomes post-operatively.

Environmental Sustainability

Metwest Eye Centre is committed to looking after our environment. We have solar panels covering the roof providing us clean, green energy.

Optical Biometry Western Sydney
Rainwater tank
Compost bin

We have a rainwater tank, utilise a compost bin for food waste and have facilities (and procedures) to encourage the recycling of printer cartridges, cardboard/paper and soft plastics.

Our website is hosted on Australian carbon-neutral servers.

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