A chalazion is a chronic inflammation of a gland in the upper or lower lid.

Often the affected area can become swollen, painful and inflamed until a cyst forms. There may be blurring of vision caused by pressure from the cyst distorting the eye.

In some cases, the cyst may settle with conservative treatment, which involves hot compresses and antibiotic ointment applied to the affected area.

If persistent, the chalazion is cut and drained under local anaesthetic, followed by the use of an antibiotic ointment for one week.

Recurrent chalazion are frequently associated with chronic infection of the lid. The infected area should be treated with antibiotic ointment daily for a month or more and cleaning of the eyelid with a cotton bud dipped in warm after and a little baby shampoo.  Causes of the infection should be investigated and treated.


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